Professional Property and Real Estate Photographer UK

Investing in professional property photography will help get people through your doors. Whether you are looking to sell your home, advertise a holiday rental or improve the online presence of your business through engaging professional images of your workspace or premises.

I offer property and real estate photography services throughout the UK.

Avoid These Mistakes

  • The photographer was just an estate agent with a camera
  • The photographer rushed and didn’t feel he took enough care
  • The photographer didn’t have the correct / professional equipment
  • The pictures look cold, dark and uninspiring
  • They only took a handful of photos and missed the good features
  • The pictures were crooked or blurred
  • The pictures looked stretched and unrealistic
  • The rooms looked smaller than they actually are in reality

Professional Equipment and Results

Your prospective buyers or customers are bound to be searching online, so if you are selling your house or renting a holiday home, professional property photos really do make a difference.

Set yourself apart with stand-out images for maximum impact.


How much do you charge for residential and property photography?

Prices vary depending on the distance, quantity of property photos required and length of time on the job, but prices start at £175 for up to a 2-bedroom property. I'm always happy to discuss your real estate photography requirements and provide a bespoke price to suit your needs.

Will you style the property?

No. I will make minor adjustments if needed, but the property should be clean, tidy and styled accordingly for my arrival.

Will you photoshop the property images?

I'm happy to make minor adjustments to my images, but I will not remove environmental objects such as lamp posts, telegraph poles, power lines etc, to avoid misleading potential buyers or clients.

What if the weather is bad on the day of the shoot?

I'm happy to reschedule to the next available date. However, as a professional property photographer, I always edit my images and use professional lighting equipment when needed to ensure you have bright, well-lit, appealing photos even on the dreariest of days.